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Suzi Blu and ME

I joined Facebook well over a year ago and kept hearing the name SuziBlu I did not know who or what a Suzi Blu was! As I started investigating, asking others about her and reading others posts and seeing their work, watched her youtube videos and I found out the most wonderful thing.... Suzi Blu was an Artist and a teacher of folk art! She was teaching Petite Dolls and I HAD to take the class. I am disabled and my hands are affected badly at times so I was very concerned about taking the class and the money, since I can't work and make money from selling my stuff. Her prices were great, you get to download and KEEP the videos, she critiques and helps you if you need it, has chats, gives you a list of the supplies and templates and I could go on and on... Well I have now taken 6 or 7 classes..I have lost count lol and each one is different and you learn new things and she is right...the more you practice the better you get! She also has a sewing group ran by Natalie Newman which is free and a journal group and a Be calm group and......Go join!!!!!  She is doing a mermaids class, LA Sirena right now and she goes through color theory and backgrounds and drawing different faces and.....she has live paintcam and chats and the best thing is you can download it all and keep it! And she throws Gigi and Finney in there too.....If you ever want to ask a question about her or her classes...ask one of her students! We are everywhere and we all LOVE her!