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Craft Tip - How to Age ATC Cards Quick and Easy!

I discovered this quick way to age or antique the ATC card I was working on. After I made my ATC card, I used Crackle Accent and painted it on all over the card and let it dry. get color in all the great cracks and age it...I took a brown watercolor pencil and colored the whole card. Then, I wet a paint brush and proceeded to "paint" the card with water...Next, I took a cloth and wiped off the excess and where I wanted a darker look, I took my water color pencil and colored more! I did not have to use any other mediums and it only took me a minute! The best thing is you can use any color and I got cheap Watercolor pencils at AC Moore for $5.00 so I did not have to use my good ones!!  Doesn't it look cool! I am very happy with how this came out!