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Artist of the Day - Carla Gordon Kurt

Today's Artist of the Day is Carla Gordon Kurt. She is a painter, mixed media artist, creative life coach and more! Her work is incredible and inspiring and the eye candy simply blows me away. I could spend hours and hours looking her stuff over. My favorite panting of hers is Vernal Spirit. It is ink and acrylics on wood and it is AWESOME! Check out her site and browse her paintings. Support the Hand Made Community! They will inspire you, I promise! Also, check out her Wings 4 You Coaching.  

"Each new day brings myriad opportunities to create a fulfilling, meaningful life for yourself. Wings 4 You Coaching and its programs are designed by Carla Kurt, M.S. to support your journey to an extraordinary life - a life of joy, excitement, true meaning... and fun" a quote from the Wings 4 You coaching site.