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Hey all!! its been a while!!

Boy--summers kicking my butt with the kids home! I have managed to get some stuff started. I am trying to get a list together of gifts i want to knit for the holidays. I had seen on Knitty gritty a project where they took a thick yarn and using bigger needles knit a few rows and then switched to a thin yarn and used the same needles to continue and make it look lacey and did that for about 2 inches and then back to the thick and so on and so on.....hard to invision? i have a few i did expirementing with colors and techniques that i will upload. The woman said she liked the diff in the gauge and how the ends were imperfect and not matching, but i dont know how much i like that...I will let you guys help me decide that. it is a great look, very different. If any of you seen it let me know what you think. well thats it for now..i have much more to come but will save it until i have pics!!!