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Ok i am back! I dont know if you think there should be bells and whistles, but i do. My life keeps going and going even tho i have my feet firmly planted, hands over ears and eyes and i am screaming---ok enuff with the drama-let me fill you in with what i have been doing. I started my own jewelry website. I have been knitting, but not as much as i have been wanting to. The thing is, i love to knit! it is so relaxing and instant gratification and makes me very happy! Why dont i make an effort to knit more? well i am going to at least a few days a week going to pick up my project and do some work on it, Right now i am working on a blanket for my daughter. I got the idea from a fellow blogger (and if u read this please let me know who you are so i can give you credit) i did a different spin on hers, i believe she also called it the crayon afgahn. she used different colors as in intarsia, i believe, but i used a primary mixed color yarn (like redheart) i am going to post a picture tonight. My daughter loves it so far and i did it on circs, so its easy and mindless which is what i need right now. I did get the "A gathering of lace book" and i want to try some lace in there. Well see you again--sooner than later--