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Well, I am on the right path to weight loss! I can feel it in my bones. I was looking at blogs one day and came across I tried to comment 2 or 3 different times but blogger was down. Then one day she posted in a weightloss group we were in that not many people were going to her blog...i had to tell her i had and I lOVED it! I asked her if I could link hers to mine so people could read her blog and enjoy it like I did. Well, I didnt see her post for a few days and went to check her blog to see what was up....Her and her friend Jenn started a new weightloss group!
How lucky was I?? I joined the group right away! And not only was I lucky enough to meet LALA and Bubba ------I met Pissy too!! They are the greatest group of girls and the group just keeps growing and growing.Ty and so many other new ladies---I cant wait to meet and get to know all of you! We share recipes, websites, laughter and support. They are not only there for the good times and laughs---but for the bad times let us know that its ok....We have a weigh in every Monday and different challenges. If you want to lose weight and are looking for a great group...check it out! You will be warmly welcomed!!