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Ok...Some updates! Well, now I tried to do the felting project the way I thought it would work. As we all know, life plays sick jokes and it didn't work out. So now I have been brainstorming and here I go again...I am going to iron on fusible webbing and shape it how I want and then try to felt might not work and if anyone has tried it let me know how you made out. I am trying to find easier ways to do things with knitting and crafting in general for people with disabilities. I have RA and sometimes my hands don't want to work, but I still want to be "normal" and do "normal" things. So that is my quest in experimenting with different things.
Ok now for the weight thing (I call it a thing cause it seems like a growth of my ass that just wont quit nagging me and being a "PAIN IN THE ASS" I haven't weighed myself in a days! So tomorrow I decided to weigh myself and start watching a little better. I am still eating better wheat bread instead of white,splenda instead of sugar,diet soda...All the changes I made, but I find myself eating a lot of good food! And I don't mean spinach!! I am going to post a recipe that I absolutely love and my husband and I made. They are called lettuce wraps and they are my new favorite thing!
Well I hope this finds all who reads this doing well. Be good to yourselves!!!