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Lettuce wraps

4 bonless chicken breasts (I use the tenders)
bib, boston or romaine lettuce
carrots (julienned)
can of bamboo shoots
mushrooms (sliced)
yellow pepper sliced
Any veggie or food that you can julienn or will fit in the wrap
KC Masterpiece Honey teriaki
garlic /ginger stir fry combo (its by the chopped garlic christopher ranch is the brand name..i am sure there are other brands...or use fresh ginger and garlic)

Boil a pot of water
Add soy sauce, garlic,Kc sauce
poach chicken in water
Take chicken out and add veggies and blanch for 3-5 minutes
Clean the lettuce and use 1 leaf as your wrap.
put a piece of chicken, veggies in lettuce leaf
roll and dip in sauces (below)

sauce 1
soy sauce
white vinegar or rice vinegar
garlic and ginger
sesame oil
(add honey if u want sweeter)

Second sauce
1 tbs peanutbutter
1 tsp soy sauce
sesame oil
rice vinegar to thin out
stir and dip
1 tsp