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Recycled Bottle Cap Pendant

I love finding new things to create with used items. Bottle caps are my new obsession and I have a few items I have been making with them. First is my Bottle Cap Pendant using Friendly Plastic. I was lucky enough to get some samples of Friendly Plastic from Linda Peterson. I have used it on a few projects previously and I really love the way it works with the bottle caps.

First, I tool 2 used bottle caps and washed them with warm soapy water and dried them well.

Then I hammered one out until it was flat and took pliers to the other one and bent out the sides.

I then took the bottle caps, laid them on a piece of wood and hammered a nail through the top. I will use this later to attach a jump ring.

On a heat proof surface I cut pieces of the Friendly Plastic in different shapes and colors.

I arranged a few pieces on the bottle cap and used my heat gun to heat them for 3 minutes. I continued to add more pieces and melted until I was happy with the colors and pattern.
I let it cool for 4-5 minutes, then I wet my finger and lightly pushed and blended the colors to my liking and made sure that everything was flat.
I let it cool for another 10 minutes and added Glossy Accents to give it a great gloss. I poked my nail through the hole again just to keep it open. I let it dry overnight and then I added a ribbon with some beads to finish it.