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Two Delicious Healthy Snacks! Mock Icecream desserts

I have been trying to eat better BUT my biggest problem is...SNACKS! I love sweet stuff especially ice cream! Here are two recipes I eat often and really help my sweet cravings!

Mock-Chocolate Shake
2 envelopes of sugar free hot chocolate
1/2-1 cup ice depending on how thick you want it
1/2-1 cup of skim milk depending on how thick you want it

Put all ingredients into Blender and MIX! Depending on how thin or thick you like it start with less milk and ice and add as it blends to your liking. You can also add a little sugar substitute if you want it sweeter.

 Banana Soft Serve (I saw this on Rachel Ray)
Peel, Cut in 1 inch slices and freeze 3 Bananas

In your blender 1/4 cup whole milk and the frozen Bananas and Blend until smooth and creamy!
THAT IS IT! It is soooooo good! You can refreeze the icecream when done to harden the icecream up a little. You can also add a little Hershey Syrup (sugar free) to give it a chocolate twist!