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Fingerless glove Pattern

I found a few patterns for fingerless glove patterns. I really like this is very easy and uses straight needles!

Hand Like a Hole
Wrapped Stitch Wristers

1(1, 2) Balls Vickie Howell Collection’s ROCK (Shown in “Trent” gray and “Jeremy” yellow)

US Size 7 Needles

Tapestry Needle


Unisex S (M, L)
Stretches to fit hand circumferences: 7” (8”, 9”)

Directions (Make 2)

CO 35 sts. Work in garter stitch for 3”(3 ½”, 4”).

Next row (RS): Knit 21(21, 19) sts, yo, k1 (twice), yo2, k1 (three times), yo3, k1 (4 times), yo4, k1 (5 times).

(WS): Knit all knit sts, drop all yos.

Work in garter stitch for 3”(3 ½”, 4”) more. BO.


Fold in half length-wise and seam up.