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Scott Baio is 45...and single!

If he would of only opened my fan mail all those years ago, he might of found himself married with children instead of whoring himself on VH1 (which is one of my favorite channels to watch! Celebreality) OH Scott.....what are we going to do with you? I cant believe you are my old Chachi (which don't call him that or he freaks...) and my Charles in Charge. I loved last nights episode with the kids and painting and gluing...almost believable..never spending time with kids before. I don't know if I believe that... but its not for me to believe....I had Teen Beat--Posters--I EVEN watched Joanie and Chachi...(one of the few) AND when i heard you and Erin Moran slept together, I threw up in my mouth a little....She was your first....hmmmmm sad thing is you should have had my fan mail by then and had a nice piece of ass instead of someone who looks 15 years older than you. But..the past is the past...I'M NOT BITTER
Rock on and get your next 15 minutes if fame....I will be there watching every Sunday and I will continue to every season until Jimmy Walker (from Good Times) gets his own show!! Hey.....if Flava Flav can....(love u Flav)