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New magazines

I am very excited! I bought 3 new magazines and I am waiting for the right time to read them! I am very weird that way! It has to be quiet---and its a big production to me!! I love to read and read them again. And then mark the patterns I want to try...I would of bought more but for some reason Barnes and Nobles put their craft section magazines on the top shelf in the back! Why would they do that? Thank goodness my husband was with me!! So i might go to Borders and see what they have LOL--I got the new Vogue knitting,
Interweave knits, and a new magazine called Simply Knitting. It is printed in England?
I am looking everywhere for the Family Circle Knitting magazine because there is a pattern I want to try, but I can find it! I also got the new Bead and Button magazine!! I LOVE magazines!!
The Craft Forum is going very well. We have well over 100 members! It is a very fun place to check everyday to see what people are doing, ask advice or make friends!! Well i will keep you informed on my knitting magazine quest today! I am off to buy flowers to plant in the yard!! My favorite thing in the world to do!!