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Just a quick snippet of info i learned on knittinghelp. Now maybe i am the only one who doesn't know this but i was thrilled to learn this....When you go to knit your first row....ready for the AHA moment...Use the tail combined with your working yarn for the first 3 or 4 stitches so you don't have to weave in the ends ...You just cut it!!! OOHH MMYY!! What a moment for me!! I love this knitting community! I have been having problems with purling and my knitting-chicks group has been awesome in helping me with my stitches and magic loops and all that so a BIG HUG AND THANKS to all my girls at my group! You are all the best! And such an inspiration!!
Now I am into using the beading loom as you can see ....I am perfecting it and I am just thrilled with the results!! Well back to my KAL.....So many..So little time!! Be good to yourselves!