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Well I have been knitting today. I have practiced stitches. decreasing and Increasing. I am starting to make blocks for a big afgahn. I am using a awesome purple and green combo. I have taken a picture of it to post it but the picture doesnt do it any justice! I am going to do one more picture to see if it comes out better. I think if it isnt too much of a pain in the ass I will knit different patterns on each block. i say that and then i will not have time or patience for it. Who knows? Maybe i will make this a hot pad or dishrag? You never know about me. I am just doing this one all knitted. Garter stitch.
By the way did anyone see the new maybelline New york foundation. Instant wake up for your skin. The commercial actually says the product has coffee in it to wake up your skin. And pearls to make your skin more radiant!! If i would of known that i would dunk my face in coffee everyday to wake my skin up!!! Ridiculous! I wish i knew who to talk to about commercials like that or even products for that matter.....drink too much caffiene and your skin will look bad (you know too much chocolate whatever..) but smear it on your face....i am done complaining about it...just struck me as odd...
Anyway....i am going to try to make a lace poncho next. anyone have a easy and fast pattern?
I am in some fantastic groups for knitting and spinning. They are very helpful and very active groups! I am watching my parents 2 dogs until wednesday. That means i have 6 dogs and 4 cats in my house right now..I am a little anxiety ridden with all the up and down and sniffing going on...nothing worse than the sniffing! My cats just love to watch me when i knit! They love the needles and yarn movement!!
Well have a great night and keep on knitting!!