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Ok, well i lost 1 pound. Dont ask me how..cause i am not being good with my eating but i will take it...Both my kids are sick so it makes me want to eat more. Especially since i have to make them breakfast and lunch and snacks. I have been trying to knit. I tried a new pattern ... basketweave. its neat, try it for something new and it knts up fast!
It has to be in multiples of 10 (the cast on stitches)
row 1 knit
row 2 k6 p4
row 3 k4 k6
row 4 k6 p4
row 5 k4 p6
row 6 k6 p4
row 7 knit
row 8 p4 k6
row 9 p6 k4
row 10 p4 k6
row 11 p6 k4
row 12 p4 k6

Well i posted some new recipes i hope you enjoy them. I made the whipped cream peanut butter mixture and froze it and it tasted just like a peanutbutter cup!!! we all loved it and it is healthy!!
Have a good night and Be good to yourselves!!!!!