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Slow weight loss

Hello today! Well I am one pound down...slow..slow..slow..I am having a healthy milkshake and boy do I feel guilty!! And its healthy and nothing bad is in it!! Boy I am programmed to think healthy is supposed to taste bad. Fortunately, I have a wonderful cousin (whose more like my sis) who has had much success eating low-fat and shares everything with me. Recipes, strategy and encouragement. I guess thats what we all need. Someone to pick us up and say "It's wasn't THAT bad what you ate" Or when you lose that ONE pound they say "YEA". We are all looking for validation and help picking ourselves off the ground when we feel we are superglued there. And I wish for all of you to find someone to truly understand you and love you unconditionally like I have cause when things get makes all the difference in the world..sometimes even life or death.
That's why I love knitting. Its so relaxing and such instant gratification. Even if you only do one feel like you accomplished something. Something that you will probably give to someone else with pride. You can get so lost in it and zone out and forget, if only for a while, all your whoes.
Well thats all my ranting for one night. I wish you all well and make tomorrow a GREAT day!!