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2 More Pounds YEA!

Only 700 more!! Or at least it is what is seems!! OOHHH so slow!! I don't know what I expect! Everytime I pee I say "Good Bye Fat!!" Strangely enough though, when I splurge and eat chocolate, cake or anything sweet, I drink water with it because it flushes all the fat and sugar out right? Yes and that's my story and I am sticking to it...Makes the guilt lessen a little (at least until I get on the scale!!) Oh the things we do and say to justify our thoughts and behavior! I heard that there is a guy who owns a company and fired people who smoked and now he might do it to people who are overweight???? What is this world coming to? We don't feel bad enough by the way people treat us or how we feel but now we will be judged on if we have more curves than some? I knit to feel better. To feel like I am accomplishing something. On those days that the scale don't move...I judge myself toooo harsh sometimes.....I don't need someone else to!
Make it a great day!!